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Moka Rum
Grand Marnier
Chocolate Mousse
Ebony & Ivory
Cappuccino Mousse
Raspberry Tart*
Strawberry Tart*
Almondine Tart*

$4.99 and up

* Special Holidays Only

Yellow, Chocolate, Red Velvet or Combination Pack

$9.99/pack (6 per pack)


When it opened in 1973, the venerable French Gourmet Bakery and Café did much to introduce Houston to French baguettes and pastries. It is run with French precision and passion by owner Patrice Ramain, a native of the Loire
Valley in the chateau country of France, who studied at
the prestigious Grands Moulins de Paris baking school
after completing extensive apprenticeships in pastry and
bread baking.

Today, French Gourmet Bakery and Café continues to
provide crusty French breads and melt-in-your mouth
pastries and cakes.

We hope you enjoy our French breads as well as our rich
baking heritage.... Bon appetit!

2250 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77098    713.524.3744    [ Contact Us ]